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Current & Upcoming Litters


As of 1/1/22, we will be offering most litters without registration papers at a reduced rate. We reserve the right to register a litter, or to offer individual choice for papers at an additional cost. All of our parents are AKC registered.


Milly & Baron Had Pups 1/20 

moms/milly.jpg   dads/baron-dad.jpg

2023/mar/bongob.jpeg   2023/mar/bongoa.jpeg

2023/mar/brutusa.jpg   2023/mar/brutusb.jpg


Sula and Cisco Had Puppies 2/1

parents/sula.jpeg   parents/cisco.jpg

2023/mar/samsona.jpeg    2023/mar/samsonb.jpeg



Willow and Rocky Had 1 tri-colored full Dobie boy 2/6

moms/willow.jpg   parents/rockydad.jpg

2023/mar/dobiea.jpeg    2023/mar/dobieb.jpeg

Annie & Gideon Had Pups 2/22/23

moms/anniemom.png   parents/gideon.jpg

2023/mar/picassoa.jpeg    2023/mar/picassob.jpeg

2023/mar/chilia.jpeg   2023/mar/chilib.jpeg

Zoey and Cisco had one boy 2/16/23

parents/zoey.jpg   parents/cisco.jpg

2023/feb/brutus2.jpeg   2023/feb/jack2.jpeg



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Carolina Shih Tzu
Patrice Chappell
Spruce Pine, N. Carolina