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Kizzy and Rocky had boys 12/4/19


parents/kizzy.jpg   parents/rockydad.jpg


2019/dec/hershey1.jpg   2019/dec/hershey2.jpg


2019/dec/kahlua1.jpg   2019/dec/kahlua2.jpg


2019/dec/koko1.jpg   2019/dec/koko2.jpg


2019/dec/kobe1.jpg   2019/dec/kobe2.jpg



Gracie and Rocky brought us 2 treasures on Thanksgiving

$1200 for this precious Imperial boy 


parents/graciemom.jpg   parents/rockydad.jpg   


  2019/dec/gio.jpg   2019/dec/gio2.jpg



Annie and Rocky had pups 12/4/19

Imperials will be $1200, Small Standards $1000


  moms/anniemom.png   parents/rockydad.jpg


2019/dec/andy1.jpg   2019/dec/andy2.jpg

2019/dec/ava1.jpg   2019/dec/ava2.jpg




Frankie and Rocky had a tiny boy 11/29/19



parents/frankiedad.jpg   parents/rockydad.jpg


2019/dec/tiny1.jpg   2019/dec/tiny2.jpg



More Litters Coming In December!


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